Balancing Mind & Body


Holistic Management – Balancing Mind & Body

“If you don’t go “within”, you will go “without”

A time has come to learn and teach our employers to enhance their skills and add value to their work with completeness of mind, body, heart and spirit using the “Holistic Management”.

The great art of understanding your body is thru the mind. There is a bridge between mind and body. Your body is the language or the print out of the mind. The thoughts create the body and there is a dialogue between them, but we are not aware. This program is a Spiritual journey within.

  • The Mind Power
  • The Body Language of the mind
  • Auto Suggestion Technique
  • The pain relief – Techniques
  • Relaxation Exercise
  • Good habits to Food Habits
  • Meditation Technique

  • Audio – Visual Presentation
  • Workshop
  • Yogic Technique
  • Meditation Exercise
Course Duration: 2 days