About Us


We want to constantly improve – learn – research and teach the lessons of “LIFE” and make humble effort to improve the quality of personal – Professional and family life of people. It is our commitment to “Mission – Social Transformation”.

Learning to Train & Training to Learn



We are committed in learning and training `OURSELVES” first and making a humble effort to share our ideas learnt from the management and spititual GURUS, reaching out to the students, employees, couples, Director’s and Senior Citizens giving them tools and techniques to sharpen their skills to enhance the quality of Personal – professional & Family life.

We at ZEN try to equip them in unlocking the new doors of perception, providing new strategies for creative thinking so that they can perform at their peak.

With a decade of experience, we have been successful in sowing a seed of learning to “UNLEARN”, making the understanding deeper, but higher so that people can have empathic relationship with all the members of the society, making them better citizens of this universe.

Mr. Himanshu Buch is a sales man, a stage actor, a humourist, an author, a motivational speaker, a corporate trainer and a ZEN coach. He has a rich experience of 20 years in sales and marketing of consumer durables and non-durables. With a mission in mind to train people, he left the job and since almost a decade he has completed 1400 workshops in India and have trained more than 60,000 people from various fields. from children to Senior citizens, he has practically touched upon all areas of Human Behavioral Science.

Being a Stage Actor and Creative thinker he himself is a performer of the finest art of mime, mimicry and true art of acting which helps him to keep the audience live throughout the day. With his unique style of presentation he has a different niche because a trainer is not an Actor ~ and an Actor is not a trainer. he has an unique combination of both, which `brands` him uniquely. He himself has been trained by internationally acclaimed world class Gurus. he is constantly researching the new ways and means to train people in different fields of profession – From Children to Managers – from Politicians to Police – > From Teachers to Technocrats – From CEO’s to Couples, From Companies to NGO’s and Social Groups.

We are professionally managed company with a targeted group of trained trainers whose sole mission is to equip themselves by constant learning, teaching and researching new tools and techniques, systems and strategies to constantly improve daily to remain in the top of the ladder and making ourselves a “Planet – Class – training Institute” giving our “Sweat” to “Success”.

We are there ~ we will meet!!
Till Then Live with Passion!!